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anyone else like dachshunds?
any pronouns. SFW artist, only expect rated E to T here.
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Posted by cmy2k - October 23rd, 2021

hey dudes, haven't been here in a while huh?

I decided, I'm giving up the name "CMY2K" on most places, except here. mostly because i can't change the username here without being a supporter, haha... but also, i decided it's the best decision for my identity. i guess "CMY2K" is going to be for my more, edgier (?) and unconventional content that doesn't match the whimsicality of my usual work now. and unfortunatley the lack of distinction has led some of the toxic newgrounds users to spam and leave stupid or mean comments on my youtube. I'll be deleting some of my artwork on here so be sure to download them if you don't want it gone forever.

"CMY2K" is supposed to be a mashup of the acronyms "y2k" and "cmyk" as some kind of goofy pun, but it didn't really work since it's misread as either one and i decided i'm no longer interested in creating a "y2k" aesthetic for my branding. now typically my work is associated with vintage and retro animation, grimms fairy tales, and other various oldie stuff.

hope you understand and respect my decision!

essencially.. nothing much has changed on my newgrounds aside from deleting some stuff. on most of everywhere though, my username has been changed to something like "glockenspiel".

good night everyone




maybe perhaps you can beg someone for supporter in the forums lulz

On the behalf of the community, I apologize for the harassment you got, that’s extremely shitty and rude, especially due to how big and influential your work is on here and how you gave to the community, I constantly see your work get reposed and praise on /funkg/, and how extremely nice and chill you are as a person, so I consider that as a backstab to you

If nothing else, I could possibly give you a support memebership if I have some change left over

that would be cool if you did but feel so pressure! it's not something i absolutley need, and i might just make a new account for the GLOCKENSPIEL brand/alias for artwork that isn't NG related or edgy

Please draw whatever you like! Don't confirm to what mean people want, ok!!

it has nothing to do with that dont worry

Aw really sorry to hear that people are doing that idk wuts with people sometimes. I dont have much to add here srry about that too.

Understood. I'm sorry you had to deal with weirdos.

So that's where you get your name from. I just thought it was just a random ass name you came up with.

@iWander @cmy2k I mean about the people that were harassing you, they suck ass